About Us

We are called Catamba Company and we specialize in web development and promotion of websites dedicated to online selling.
We have gained extensive experience and conducted multiple researches in order to find unique and the most effective solutions for your business, increasing your sales and income.
It isn’t just words, we did come a long way, and you can see our team and read our researches.
This all is true as Catamba is a subsidiary of a large digital agency.
Generally, we work remotely. We’ve arranged an effective remote cooperation system. The core team performs in Simferopol, where the sites are being designed and promoted.
One more thing, we guarantee success! You know, better to do well, than to say well. Contact us today!

Customer Reviews

Feedback from Comfort Tour LLC

Hereby Travel Agency Comfort Tour LLC confirms that Catamba has demonstrated high quality of work on attraction of clients via the Internet. By the results of cooperation Catamba has proved itself as a reliable, customer-oriented company with a highly professional staff.

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MCFR Ukraine about Catamba

Besides stable diligence and discipline we are pleased to note the creative approach of the Catamba staff, who follow the modern trends, take into account the specifics of the customer, love and know how to do their job. We are planning a long and fruitful partnership - there are still a number of projects and plans for the development of existing ones. We recommend Catamba as a company, which is able to provide stable and effective solutions in the field of web development and also a quality service.

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Feedback from Regional Distributive Center

The Company’s staff implemented its agreements on a high-quality level and in time. I’d like to focus on the remote control system. I could get in touch with my project team using very comfortable online tool anytime I needed.I would personally recommend Catamba as the best web development company.

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Anton Ilyin’s feedback

The Company exceeded my expectations: all experts, with who I worked, are able to think unconventionally and beyond the common concepts, thus, during our work on the project the guys often invented the required aspects and offered many special solutions.The entire work was done at its best and in time. Thank you for the effective cooperation!

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Feedback from Lloret Holiday Company

During our cooperating with the Company, we got convinced in strong qualifications and reliability of its staff that allowed us considering Catamba to be our long-term partner. The Company’s staff always implements its agreements on a high-quality level and in time. We are 100% delighted with its work and are ready to recommend this Company as a reliable partner.

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SOFT.ua Company’s feedback

We have been cooperating with Catamba for quite a long time so far. The Group has proved itself to be a company of excellent IT experts, in particular, in the field of social networks. We liked its approach the most: the guys arranged stable work on the project by using project management systems, bug-tracking, versions management system, etc. We are delighted with the results and hope for further cooperation.

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Feedback from Credit Collection Group

As a result, we have got a high-quality product, delivered in agreed terms and localized for all countries, having the Group’s offices, namely for Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

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3domen.com Company’s feedback

Meeting the necessity of converting my site to a new CMS, I revealed the fact that the greatest majority of studios can create only simple online business cards. The guys from Catamba not just took up such a difficult task but also succeeded in its fulfillment. Now I have got a modern site which is much easier to deal with. And due to its new design, developed by Catamba as well, the site have gained much more stylish appearance. Thank you, I will be glad to continue our cooperation.

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Yug Company’s feedback

We have been searching carefully for a company for the creation and promotion of our site with optimal price-quality ratio for a long time. And we have found the one in the name of Catamba. We are lucky of being provided high-quality services that have impacted our business quite positively. We are very delighted with our cooperation and in future we will continue working with this company.

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